CRM Saturday Oslo 2017

Marius Pederson
Norway Chapter Lead

Norway Chapter Lead

Marius Pederson
Norway Chapter Lead
Marius & Raz

Marius & Raz explain the Key Principles and Concepts that are necessary for a successful CRM implementation

baris kanlica
Baris Kanlica
Microsoft MVP

Baris Kanlica's popular session on showcasing the new features of Dynamics 365 and how it will affect developers

Razwan Choudry
Microsoft MVP

Razwan explains the mechanics of Dynamics 365 solution components, overcoming scenarios and how to improve release management

Marius Agur Perdersun

Marius shows us how to use powershell to perform ominous administration tasks saving time and resources with managing your Dynamics 365 deployments


Microsoft MVP
Jonas Rapp 800
Jonas Rapp
Microsoft MVP

A.k.a. “Everyday I’m Shuffling”. A walkthrough of the different components used to compose a complete CI/CD pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from dev to test and prod using VSTS Build and Release Management with standard and custom tasks.

Jukka Niiranen
Digital Illustrated

Jukka Niiranen is an Author and Long Time MVP who will unravel the treasures of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow.

Dalibor Kresnik
Independent Consultant

Dalibor shares his experience and approach to integrating Sharepoint onprem with Dynamics 365 online

Marius & Raz

Marius & Raz explain the Key Principles and Concepts that are necessary for a successful CRM implementation

Mohammed M.
Practice Lead

If your solution is in Europe? This session will give you an introduction to GDPR, how it impacts Dynamics 365 Solutions & possible approaches/designs to stay compliant

Tor Kristoffersen

Tor Kristoffersen presents Customer Engagement 2.0. The NEXT GENERATION OF CUSTOMER SERVICES

Sumit Shah

Will people prefer to wait for a real human customer service to solve their problems or do they want to have their problems solved by a customer service bot (24/7/365)?



Marco Farina & Giorgio Garcia

In this session we will see how to integrate artificial intelligence inside Dynamics 365, making your CRM smart. We can touch with our hand the incredible power of Microsoft AI and understand how it’s possible to get the best from it and translating the power into CRM.

Kristine Kjenes

Kristine Kjenes gives a great Introduction to Machine Learning and Microsoft Dynamics 365


Inge-Andre Fredrikstad – Keeping up to date with MSDYN365


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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs to find the answers to common questions. Can’t find your question answered here? Contact us.

When & Where will CRM Saturday Oslo take place?

Microsoft Norge AS

Lysaker Torg 45

1366 Lysaker, Norway

Why is CRM Saturday Free?

CRM Saturday is Free because it is a community event organised by CRM Enthusiasts and sponsored by Microsoft.

Because it is a Free event we have had to restrict the attendees numbers so we are able to plan and cater for you according to our budget. If you feel there is a possibility that you will not be able to attend on the day please refrain from registering as it will prevent other valuable CRM enthusiasts from attending. CRM enthusiasts who register from a genuine organisation email will be given priority of those registering with a disposable email.

How can I Join the CRM Saturday Team?

If you work as a CRM Consultant, Developer, or Project Manager and passionate about contributing to CRM Saturday either as a Speaker or Event Coordinator we would like to hear from you.

Email for more information

I have not received my registration yet?

If you have registered for CRM Saturday but not received your Confirmation yet, it may due be due to the following reasons;

Sending your registration from a organisation email is more likely to be accepted as a ‘Real’ person as opposed to ‘Spammy’ email, as we only want people who are serious about attending to register.

  • email registration was sent from a disposable email which may be regarded as spammy
  • The event date & venue is likely to change, in which case u will be notified in due course
  • You have registered for CRM Saturdays in the past but did not attend, or failed to notify that that you would not be attending.
  • You are on a Wait list as all available tickets are reserved

If you feel neither of the above apply, please feel free to email so that we can update you accordingly.

Finally, please remember that this is a non profit event organised by technology evangelists contributing to the crm community.

What do I need to present my Session at CRM Saturday?

You will require atleast 5 years experience in CRM, and present a suggestion that addresses a real world problem sharing your experience of overcoming them.

If you have not delivered a public presentation before, but are technically proficient we can help you deliver your session with an assistant or co speaker at your aid, so fear not. email for more information.

Event location

Here, you will find directions to the conference venue. More space to meet and network!

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Microsoft Norge AS

Lysaker Torg 45

1366 Lysaker, Norway