CRM Saturday Milan 2017

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Stefano Tempesta
MVP / Vice President

Keynote & Introduction to the objectives of CRM Saturday by Italian Chapter Lead, addressing challenges for successful CRM implementations

Italian Track Sessions Available, If you would like to present a session please submit Call for Speaker or contact

Stefano Tempesta
MVP / Vice President

Emergencies may happen with no notice, whether for weather-related events or a terrorist attack. How do they react promptly and safeguard the security and safety of their students and staff around the world?
A system of multiple communication channels is used to reach out on students and inquiry about their safety. The last known location is tracked with GPS units and its data collected and analysed via the Azure IoT Hub; automatic messages and calls in multiple languages are initiated from the CRM and replies processed by a bot built with the Microsoft Bot Framework.
Targeted at software architects, developers and product owners, this session explores the core capabilities of the Azure IoT and Microsoft Bot Framework in providing an integrated and effective solution for immediate response to emergencies using a variety of communication channels.

Marco Amoedo
Neil Parkhurst
MVP / Senior Consultant

Neil Parkhurst is well known for his contributions for Unified Service Desk, now he expands on this by demonstrating how CafeX compliments the omnichannel experience within USD and Dynamics 365

Razwan Choudry

Razwan helps your CRM Customisers and developers understand the concepts and capabilities of D365 solution components, New features & capabilities as well addressing solution errors and measures to improve Solution management

Jonas Rapp 800
Jonas Rapp
MVP / Senior Developer

Jonas is well known for his contributions to the XRMToolbox, however, this time he will provide a walkthrough of the different components used to compose a complete CI/CD pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from dev to test and prod using VSTS Build and Release Management with standard and custom tasks.

Jordi Montana
MVP / Senior Developet

An introduction to Fake XRM Easy, the testing framework for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, which runs on an In-Memory context and deals with mocks or fakes for you.



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Microsoft House
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Why is CRM Saturday Free?

CRM Saturday is Free because it is a community event organised by CRM Enthusiasts and sponsored by Microsoft.

Because it is a Free event we have had to restrict the attendees numbers so we are able to plan and cater for you according to our budget. If you feel there is a possibility that you will not be able to attend on the day please refrain from registering as it will prevent other valuable CRM enthusiasts from attending. CRM enthusiasts who register from a genuine organisation email will be given priority of those registering with a disposable email.

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You will require atleast 5 years experience in CRM, and present a suggestion that addresses a real world problem sharing your experience of overcoming them.

If you have not delivered a public presentation before, but are technically proficient we can help you deliver your session with an assistant or co speaker at your aid, so fear not. email for more information.

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